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Diesel Engines In Trucks: Major Components And Ways To Maintain

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Diesel engines are essential components of industrial trucks and heavy vehicles because they power these vehicles for business operations. Failure of these engines will result in time wasted, loss of revenue and significant disruption to businesses and their stakeholders.

How Do Diesel Engines Work?

Diesel engines operate by compressing air containing oxygen with diesel fuel at a 15:1 compression ratio. This compression raises the temperature inside the cylinder to such a high level that the diesel fuel ignites. Many diesel vehicles now have additional components that aid in particulate matter reduction and the breakdown of dangerous nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.

As diesel engine trucks are powered by such a complex process, they contain numerous truck parks and diesel engine parts within them that must be cared for and maintained to ensure their longevity. Failing to maintain these truck parts will result in you having to scour the market for distributors providing these spare parts

Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engines

1. Use Good Fuel

It is recommended that businesses use high-quality diesel fuel for their diesel engines because it can help keep your diesel fuel injector in good working condition.

Diesel fuel of poor quality can be dirty. Using them will result in varnish and sludge accumulating in specific areas of your diesel engine and fuel system, potentially resulting in lower fuel efficiency, rough idling, injector deposits, and clogged filters.

When your truck’s diesel engine parts become clogged or damaged as a result of using low-quality diesel fuel, you may need to source for truck spare parts to replace them.

Here at Maxindo, we provide a full range of spare parts for your truck’s diesel engines and other maintenance needs. Some of the truck spare parts we stock include pistons, cylinder heads, filters, valves and crankshafts. Check out our full list here.

2. Control Temperature

Diesel engines should be kept at an optimal temperature of 80°C to 85°C. Keeping them in this temperature range improves operational and thermal efficiency while also reducing wear on moving truck parts.

Allow your engine to idle for about 30 seconds to a minute to warm up and fully circulate the oil before you move off. To cool your diesel engine when it gets too hot, a coolant needs to be circulated through the pipes to the radiator. This brings us to our next point – monitoring your coolant.

3. Monitor Your Coolant

The coolant in your diesel engine is critical for maintenance. It should be checked on a regular basis because it can become more acidic over time and rot out the parts in your truck’s cooling system. Check your coolant levels to ensure that there is enough coolant in your engines, and flush them on a regular basis.

4. Replace the Fuel Filter & Air Filter

Diesel fuel is naturally dirty and can quickly clog your fuel filter. The fuel filter in your truck collects debris all in one place and prevents them from entering the engine. If they are not replaced regularly, they can become so clogged with debris that they cease to filter the diesel fuel properly, resulting in fuel inefficiency and other issues.

Depending on the age and type of your vehicle, some fuel filters need to be replaced every 30,000km to 50,000km. 

Diesel engine air filters protect your engine against contamination and their cleanliness is key to fuel efficiency. They need to be replaced every 19,000km to 25,000km, or more frequently depending on the type of fuel used, the type of vehicle, and the driving conditions. 

Changing them regularly will protect vital diesel engine parts from unnecessary wear and damage, which could lead to potentially costly engine repairs and maintenance. 

Not sure where to get new filters? We provide both Genuine and Aftermarket filters as they are necessary items for maintenance. Genuine filters are highly recommended for quality assurance, while Aftermarket filters are more suitable for the cost-sensitive.

5. Engine Oil Change

Dirt in your engine oil can cause corrosion and even shorten the life of your diesel engine; it can also be hazardous and increase the risk of damages that may need expensive repairs in the future. 

Routine oil changes will aid in the removal of particles and sludge from engines, allowing your diesel engines to operate at peak efficiency. They increase gas mileage, improve lubrication of metal parts in your truck, improve engine performance, and help it run more efficiently, all of which results in better fuel efficiency.

Following these simple rules for maintaining your trucks’ diesel engine parts can help to extend the life of your fleet of trucks and save you money on having your truck parts replaced.

Obtaining truck spare parts and diesel engine parts can be difficult and expensive. So, before problems arise, make sure to maintain and check your diesel engines regularly.

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