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Industries we cater to that uses (UD) Nissan diesel engine



  1. Marine
  2. Construction
  3. Generator
  4. Logging & Transportation


Maxindo Enterprise is a one-stop solution selling all (UD) Nissan diesel engine parts in the Marine, Construction, Generator, Logging and Transportation industries. Nissan has a long history of manufacturing high quality and durable trucks, continually pushing their limits through research and development to achieve perfection in every series. As an appointed distributor by Volvo Singapore (Volvo Group owns UD / Nissan Diesel), Maxindo Enterprise is capable of delivering any purchase orders. As a result, customers can confidently rely on Maxindo Enterprise to be their one-stop solution to cater to their every need.

Maxindo has the complete range of parts for popular Nissan engine model RD8/10, RE8/10 and RF8/10. From nuts and bolts, water tanks and filters, to gaskets for (UD) Nissan diesel engines, we stock them all. In a rare situation where we do not have ready available stock for a genuine part that you require, we are able to directly order from Japan.


This is how Maxindo Enterprise remains relevant to all these various industries that uses (UD) Nissan diesel engine:


Maxindo services chart

A complete line-up of Nissan diesel engine meets your specific power requirement for industrial, generator and automotive applications.

Features of Nissan Diesel Engines

  • Powerful, lightweight and economical

Nissan Diesel industrial engines use the basic technology featured in their highly successful automotive engines. Each engine has a high power-to-weight ratio, low fuel consumption rate and high performance

  • Reliable

Since all Nissan Diesel industrial engines are produced with the same technology that Nissan reign from, performance and reliability can be expected.

  • Low-noise operation

All Nissan Diesel engines have low vibrations and noise levels. With a minimized engine beat that results to supreme all-round performance; operations are efficient.




Ferries and fishing boats

For ferries, fishing boats and ships using Nissan diesel engines, we stock parts like filters, water tanks, water pump, overhead gasket, engine valve, bearings, etc. For bearings, we also stock NTN bearing as an OEM alternative. Maxindo stocks a complete range for NTN bearings for (UD) Nissan diesel engines. You may read more about NTN bearing here.




For crane carriers models KW31M and KG55T uses PE6 engine and RG8 engine respectively. We stock the complete range of UD Nissan diesel parts for KW31M-PE6 engine and KG55T-RG8 engine.


Generator Set

Generator Set

Generator sets uses various engine models. We carry complete parts for various Nissan diesel engines. Click here to find out which engines we stock 



Logging and Transportation industries are our focus group. As an appointment distributor by Volvo Singapore we are able to meet demands for all UD Nissan diesel parts.

Logging and Transportation

logging and transport

logging and transport

To name a few popular Chassis for the Logging Industries that we stock are TZA520 that uses RF8 Engine and TZA52 that uses RD 8 Engine.

In addition, a few popular Chassis for Transport Industries that we stock are CWB520 that uses RF8 Engine, CWB45A that used PF6T Engine, CGB45A that uses PF6T Engine and CWB536 that uses RG8 Engine.