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Quon line-Nissan Diesel (UD)



Quon is a line of heavy-duty commercial Nissan trucks that was produced since 2008. This line of trucks are only available in Japan, however refurbished Quon line trucks are available in South-East Asia.
Quon and the Quester are two lines under the category of heavy-duty range however the former uses a bigger litre engine and is heavier duty commercial vehicle.


The Quon consists of these several series:

CD 6x2R series

CG 8×4 series

CV 6x2F series

CW 6×4 series

CX 6×4 series

GW 6×4 series

CZ 6×6 series

CF 4×4 series


Powered by an option of GH11 and the GH13. G13 being a higher fuel efficient, power and torque performance than the other option GH11. The line is marketed to be easier to drive and consumes lower fuel for the long haul downhills to the hilly rough roads.


The Quon line by Nissan Diesel (UD) spare parts are only available in Japan. However, here at Maxindo we do direct Japan order and therefore offer Japan indent services to our customers.

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