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Types of Spare Parts for Your Truck in Singapore

Types of Spare Parts for Your Truck in Singapore












Sending your truck for repair or maintenance requires you to choose the type of spare parts
you want to replace for old or spoilt parts. There are three main types that the store usually
offers: OE, OEM or aftermarket parts. Confused by the unfamiliar names used by truck
servicemen, you may opt for a spare part that causes failures and more repairs, or cost you
more than necessary. Here, we share the best types of spare parts you should use in
different situations!


Genuine parts, or OE (Original Equipment), come fitted in your originally manufactured truck.
They are original, as suggested by their name, which means that they come from your
truck’s brand manufacturers – for example, Nissan, Renault, or Volvo OE parts come from
Nissan, Renault and Volvo manufacturers respectively. Even if these parts are made by an
external company, they are approved and guaranteed by the original manufacturer, and still
recognised as ‘genuine’. Check if your truck is still under warranty to make sure you can
replace it with genuine parts for free!


OEM parts, standing for Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are made by companies
that were initially appointed to supply parts to the truckmaker, and are thus similar to OE
parts. The difference is, they do not carry the original box, label and packaging. A Nissan UD
OEM part, for instance, will not carry the Nissan UD brand on it but will carry the brand of the
external company instead. The making of OEM parts relies on a contract between the truck
brand and external company, agreeing that these parts can be sold independently. OEM
parts are usually more affordable than OE parts and have the same quality and reliability,
however not all parts of a truck is licensed to be sold independently. So make sure to do
your necessary research before purchasing any OEM parts.

Aftermarket parts, also referred to as parallel imports, are made by companies that have
bought the right to make them after the truck has been manufactured. These parts can be
made in various countries, under different standards, and using other materials. They may
not look exactly like the original (OE or OEM) part, but they provide the same function to the
truck. Although they are different, they are not necessarily of worse quality than original
parts, it depends – quality aftermarket parts can outperform OE parts because of
modifications made to improve function and design, or fare worse because of substandard

Which Type of Spare Part is Best?

The best spare part for your truck depends on the part needed to be replaced.
As genuine (OE) and (OEM) are more expensive, it is recommended that they are used for
the truck’s diesel engine, transmissions, and steering to ensure the highest quality and
reliability that lasts your vehicle longer. Using aftermarket for more significant parts of the
vehicle is dangerous because any faults can result in worse problems, like a spoilt engine,
for your truck – costing you more for repairs. It is also better to use OE and OEM for
precision parts like gaskets, bolts, and brackets to ensure a right fit – not always possible
with aftermarket parts that are not identical to the original ones. Importantly, genuine (OE)
offers the full range of truck parts that both OEM and aftermarket does not.

On the other hand, Aftermarket is the better choice for parts that require frequent
replacement due to wear and tear, like the brake drum, brake lining, clutches, and wheel
bearings, because they are more cost-effective. Maxindo only recommends and supplies
aftermarket parts from reputable companies like Diesel Technic (DT), NTN Bearing, and
Knorr-Bremse, to name a few. These brands are trusted for quality and are priced
competitively, allowing us to offer you parts at lower prices.

Overall, it is good to use these guidelines when choosing spare parts for your truck, to
ensure a balance of quality, reliability, safety, and affordability. Maintaining your truck in the
long run is also much easier when you use a trusted supplier to advise you professionally.
Maxindo is Singapore’s leading distributor for Nissan UD, Renault and Volvo truck parts and
we are dedicated to serving you with our long-standing expertise. Get in touch with us, here.