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Why should I go for Genuine Nissan Diesel (UD) truck spare parts?


Nissan Diesel (UD) truck spare parts

Genuine truck spare parts from Japan are known for their quality and durability. Therefore certain spare parts like camshafts, overhead gasket, differential unit etc. can easily cost up to Thousands of Singapore Dollars.

If genuine parts are expensive, why go for Genuine Nissan Diesel (UD) parts?

  1. Quality

Nissan Diesel (UD) trucks earned their outstanding quality reputation due to many years of research and development. With that same conviction, UD parts are specifically designed to maximize operation life of vehicle. Maintaining your truck with UD parts ensures consistent truck performance for many more years to come. With other brands you may enjoy a lower cost, but may end up replacing parts more frequently or requiring more maintenance work done.

  1. Compatibility

Purchasing genuine truck spare parts ensure you get a perfect fit. Our sales team quote prices based on the Nissan part numbers to guarantee our customers perfect and accurate fit. With non-genuine parts you may end up purchasing spare parts that do not fit well or might be more suitable for other truck models.

  1. Accessibility

A wide range of products is every consumer’s dream. As an official distributor for Nissan Diesel (UD) spare parts, we stock the full range according to the truck models. You may refer to this list of models we stock. In the case a UD part number you requested is temporary out of stock, back-order services can be arranged for your convenience. Back-order services are available only for genuine Nissan truck spare parts.